Project Portfolio

Java Projects

I have completed several projects in Java. One project I am particularly proud of is the development of a timekeeping program specialized for domestic violence agencies. This program gave users the ability to designate a grant and an activity for their time. This project entailed designing a database, integrating SQL with Java, designing a GUI, …

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Microsoft Access Projects

I have used Microsoft Access for a few projects. Two of the projects entailed setting up a database, designing forms, and performing various queries. The third project, which is still ongoing, involved completely designing the database from scratch. I used Microsoft Access for data modeling but the actual database is being built in phpMyAdmin.

PunMaster website design

One of the more fun projects I have completed is designing a website dedicated to my favorite type of humor – the almighty pun. The site, which had five pages total, was designed completely with HTML and CSS in a text editor.

Visual Basic Project

At Nicolet College, I took a class in Visual Basic. In this class, I learned the basics. The class culminated in designing a paint program that calculates the total cost of a painting project and determines whether or not the project can be completed under budget.